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September 24, 2023

Metal containers for the wine branch

The metal containers for wine bottles have been developped specially for the stocking and ageing of the wine bottles of different dimensions, both laid and upright. The biggest model is the P880 ALTO that can contain up to 788 upright bottles. This metal container is made of electrolytically galvanized steel bars and called also case or basket for wine bottles, it’s stackable in order to optimize the space in the cellars and foldable to take up little room in the moment when it’s not used. It’s equipped with a front fold-down gate to make the loading and unloading of the bottles easier. The metal containers in galvanized wire are strong and ductile for the stocking of different types of bottles (champagne, Rhine, Burgundy bottles). The inside dimensions  of these metal containers are different according to the capacity requirements. Many cellars have already adopted the metal containers as they are more reliable and safer than the wooden containers, furthermore they are more hygienic and resist for a longer period of time, they don’trot and don’t mold, a product developped and made on the ground of the requirements of the wineries. Wire Containers For Wine Branch

July 18, 2022

SIMEI 2022

From 15th to 18th November 2022, Cargo Pak will be exhibiting at SIMEI 2022, the International Enological and Bottling Equipment Exhibition located at Fiera Milano, RHO (MI).Visit us at stand G02 - H01, HALL 4 to test our products made in Italy: steel wire containers for Bordolesi European or standard bottles, for Champagne and sparkling wine bottles, barrique holder, plastic trays, pallet cages, remuage containers.We look forward to seeing you soon!

July 18, 2022

EXPOdetergo International 2022

We will be present at the EXPOdetergo International, Ieading event in Europe and worldwide, dedicated to laundry, ironing and textile dry-cleaning machines, technologies, products and services., which will take place from 21st to 24th October 2022 at Fiera Milano, RHO (MI).Come and visit us at stand T02 - HALL 3

April 19, 2022

Metal Wire Containers

The metal containers called also containers in metal wire have been developped and produced in order to optimize the truck transports; they are foldable to take up little space when they are coming back empty. These stackable metal wire containers can be put one upon the other thus creating a sort of modular shelving in in the cellars, warehouses and shops. The metal wire container is equipped with a front fold-down gate (on the long side) to make the loading and unloading of the goods easier. The metal wire containers are used in the textile, enologic, logistic branch as well as in the sector of the plastic molding, automotive, collection of paper and cardboard, for the stocking of the middle and big sized products. It’s one of the most used containers thanks to its strength and load capacity.

November 27, 2021

When was the first shopping trolley produced?

Did you know one of the first shopping trolleys was introduced by Sylvan Goldman back in 1937? This man was the owner of the Humpy Dumpy supermarket.One night he put down a basket in a wheelchair and understood the importance of easily transporting the goods inside, pushing the chair itself. Brilliant idea!Since 2004 CARGO PAK has become the official distributor of the Marsanz shopping trolleys in Italy (Marsanz is the leading producer of shopping trolleys for supermarkets) and we are proud to represent this company since such a long time. Many customers have already chosen the Marsanz shopping trolleys. There are various types of trolleys with different capacities in liters and different materials, furthermore it’s possible to customize the handle through the customer’s logo!