The company

Cargo Pak are developping and producing in Italy since 1977 logistic solutions for the stocking, distribution and sales; they are constantly engaged to guarantee the quality of a product that must be easy to handle, resilient, functional and reliable. This is the reason why we are looking for solutions able to meet the requirements of our customers. In our factory located in Cazzago San Martino (BS) we receive the first class steel from our Italian suppliers and produce by highly technological machineries roll containers, metal wire containers, metal containers for wine bottles, garden trolleys, DIY trolleys, stackable wire baskets and metal wire display tables. The finished products are then dispatched to our headquarters at Casorate Primo where we have got a warehouse with a surface of 5000 m2 and where these products are assemblefd, stocked and supplied to our customers in Italy and abroad.

Cargo Pak is particularly sensible with regard to the problem of the waste disposal and have made strong and functional metal wire containers and roll containers for the collection and disposal of paper, cardboard, plastic and special electric and electronic waste.

The partners

Marsanz, Spanish company specialized in the production of shopping trolleys for supermarkets, and Joalpe, a Portoguese company specialized in the production of plastic shopping baskets have chosen Cargo Pak as sole partner for the distribution of their products in Italy.

The history

Cargo Pak have started their activity on 18 February  1977 as sole importer and distributor of the tail lifts of the company Cycles Peugeot. In the seventies the logistic branch is remarkably developping and that leads CARGO PAK to produce roll containers, foldable wire containers and belts for the locking of the loadings.

The continuous growth and the positive results obtained during the years induce CARGO PAK to open the new seat of Rosate (MI) to meet the demand of their customers. Furthermore CARGO PAK are purchasing automatic machineries and welding robots in the vanguarde from the technologic point of view.

In the year 1998 CARGO PAK are opening the local production unit Roll&Container in Cazzago San Martino (BS) where they transfer the whole production using the seat of Rosate as true warehouse for the stocking of the products that can be promptly delivered. The production range gets wider with the addition of the Cash&Carry trolleys, garden and DIY trolleys, anti-tefth (safety) roll containers and the relevant accessories such as wheels and baskets.

In 2005 the new headquarters of Casorate Primo (PV) including the administrative, commercial and technical department as well as the assembly and the warehouse of the finished products are inaugurated.

In 2017 the historical seat of Rosate becomes a warehouse to increase the stocking of raw material and improve the supply chain.

In 2018 the website is updated through a new graphic design and new tools to make the user experience of our customers easier. The website has a simple interface and can be adapted to any mobile and desktop. To be able to improve the interaction and communication with our customers we have activated 3 social channels: Linkedin - Twitter - Facebook

Head office at Casorate Primo (PV)Our warehouse (5000 m2)
Our offices
Production Factory at Cazzago San Martino (BS).Welding robot in action.
Our production factory